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Food and Drink Blotter: March 2017

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. | Food and Drink Blotter After a short six months of greeting Gaslamp Quarter customers with 24/7 meal service and fresh-baked pies, Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery closed its doors last month to a spacious dining room designed with vintage features to reflect the era it was originally founded during the late 1930s […]

The diner with a Hollywood secret

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. | Restaurant Review The menu choices are staggering. So are the meal portions. But if you are vegan, a vegetarian or gluten-intolerant, Brian’s 24 isn’t the easiest place to eat. Since the recent closure of Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery (see this month’s Food and Drink Blotter), the family-owned diner reigns as the […]

Home of the ‘American Dream’

By Chris Gomez | Little Italy News San Diego’s Little Italy is the largest Little Italy community in the nation and has been reviving over the last 20 years under the leadership of the nonprofit organization, the Little Italy Association. The Little Italy neighborhood has turned multiple Italian’s vision of an “American Dream” into a beautiful […]

Food and Drink Blotter: February 2017

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. | Food and Drink Blotter Treehouse Hospitality has closed its enormous, two-level sports bar, 1919, which opened a year ago with a concept resonating to the infamous Chicago White Sox scandal of 1919. In a statement issued last month, the ownership cited “ever-increasing operating costs” as the main reason for shuttering. […]

Fresh perspectives

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By Frank Sabatini Jr.

Last year’s local dining scene delivered a swarm of new restaurants, re-brandings and top kitchen talent that isn’t expected to let up anytime soon. Continued progress, however, requires moving past hackneyed food trends lurking conspicuously within kale salads and beneath the fat layers of pork belly.

We quizzed several chefs from Downtown-area restaurants on what culinary fads of 2016 they feel should be tossed to the wind, and what new ingredients, dishes or cooking styles they plan on introducing to their menus in the coming months.

Food and Drink Blotter: January 2017

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. Coronado-based Blue Bridge Hospitality, which operates Liberty Public Market in Point Loma, has reconfigured its anchor Mess Hall Restaurant to accommodate three new concepts: the fast-casual food and drink area called Mess Hall Bar, the Grape Smuggler Bar featuring wine and tapas, and Pi Bar, which specializes in rectangular Roman-style pizzas. […]

Fruit wine comes to San Diego

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By John Gregory

The California Fruit Wine Co. has opened its tasting room at the corner of University Avenue and Normal Street in Hillcrest.

Started by the Haghighi brothers in 2009, California Fruit Wine Co. had lacked a tasting room ever since co-founders Alan and Brian had moved their production facility from Vista to Carlsbad two years ago. Since their headquarters was in a mostly industrial area, the brothers began looking for a tasting room space in a location more to their liking, with a focus on an urban environment.