Exploring Balboa Park

Exploring Balboa Park: Adieu

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By Johnny McDonald Editor’s Note: This is Johnny McDonald’s last Exploring Balboa Park column, as he informed this editor of his impending departure early this past summer and kept his word, much to her chagrin. We at San Diego Downtown News thank him for sharing what our city’s Crowned Jewel has to offer our readers […]

Exploring Balboa Park: The visionary da Vinci

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By Johnny McDonald Leonardo da Vinci remains one of history’s most fascinating people, not only for his famous paintings, but also for his far-reaching explorations into science, machines and robotics. More than 90 artworks and replicated machines, many of which are interactive, will be on display every day (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) through Jan. 3, […]

Exploring Balboa Park June 2015

By Johnny McDonald Twilight The traditional summer Twilight in the Park concerts will have a Centennial twist this year. “We’ll have special Centennial events planned around some of the concerts,” said Mike Waggener, who established the first Twilight shows 35 years ago. “They’ll begin an hour before the 6:30 p.m. concert each night.

Exploring Balboa Park May 2015

By Johnny McDonald Natural History Museum’s botany curator said it was bizarre the way San Diego’s weather pattern has changed the growth cycle of plant life. “It started out okay this year but after the unseasonable Santa Ana winds, everything dried up so quickly; much, much shorter than it usually does,” said Dr. Jon Rebman.

Exploring Balboa Park February 2015

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By Johnny McDonald Starlight continues to dim Weather worn and aging, Starlight Bowl’s stage and orchestra pit will likely remain silent during Balboa Park’s yearlong Centennial. No need for those 3,575 seats … and yet this 80-year old amphitheater is still recognized as part of the park’s legacy. For now, its doors are padlocked.