Fashion Files – Nov. 2017

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By Diana Cavagnaro | Fashion Files Fashion Week San Diego Fashion Week San Diego celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Oct. 6 and 7, at the Port Pavilion on the Broadway Pier, Downtown. There were two pre-events leading up to the fashion shows. One was a VIP party with a fashion film screening on Oct. 4 at […]

The power of place(making)

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By Kris Michell | Downtown Partnership News

As a native San Diegan, I am certainly partial to our city. How could I possibly be unbiased? With miles and miles of beaches and bays, nearly 300 days of sunshine each year and an unparalleled quality of life, San Diego is objectively amazing.

So, when world-renowned placemaking expert Fred Kent came to visit, I couldn’t wait to show him around the place I am proud to call home. Within an hour of meeting with Fred and his team from NYC-based Project for Public Spaces, I swallowed a dose of reality: San Diego needs work.

Get ready for fast cars and trick-or-treating

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By Chris Gomez  | Little Italy News

Little Italy is plentiful of annual traditions. The urban neighborhood is constantly evolving — always creating new ways for the community and its visitors to make lasting memories.

The 48 square blocks that make up Little Italy are known for a busy October calendar and this year, guests and community members can expect the return of Little Italy’s Bulls of Sant’Agata Charge Little Italy, as well as a neighborhood favorite, “Trick-or-Treat on India Street.”

El Nudillo — “The Knuckle”

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By Joan Wojcik | East Village News

Great cities have great signatures. One cannot think about Paris without imagining the Eiffel Tower; Chicago and its Picasso; and St. Louis with its Arch to the West.

A group of East Village architects, planners, and designers, along with the community, are proposing a new design to create a signature piece for America’s Finest City.

‘Reuben the guide’ and his historic haunts

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By Sandee Wilhoit | Gaslamp Landmarks

As lead tour guide and historian for the Davis-Horton House Museum, I often wondered how the tour guide business got started. I inadvertently found the answer while researching something entirely different.

Not all Gaslamp “landmarks” are buildings. San Diego’s first tour guide, known coast-to-coast, was Reuben Williams, or as he was simply called, “Reuben the guide.”

Fashion Files – Oct. 2017

By Diana Cavagnaro | Fashion Files

“Muses of the Old Globe” is an exciting new exhibit at the Women’s Museum of California.

There have been many women who have played a major role in the Globe’s history, beginning with the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition up to the present, including actors, stage directors, playwrights, craftspeople, and business leaders. This exhibit is about these exceptional women who have made a difference.

Building more homes and jobs

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By Toni G. Atkins | Notes from Toni

As this column, derived from my newsletter “Toni Times,” was being prepared, my top-priority bill, SB 2, was still under consideration in the Assembly — the deadline for Senate bills to pass “the other house” is Sept. 15.

SB 2 — the Building Homes and Jobs Act — is part of a package of bills aimed at addressing California’s severe housing crisis. Gov. Jerry Brown, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, all pledged to make the package a priority during this year’s session’s home stretch.

Welcome our new executive director

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By Sunny Lee | East Village Biz News

The East Village Association, Inc. (EVA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that manages and promotes the East Village business improvement district, recently named Dora McCann Guerreiro as its executive director, effective July 10.

“Dora is exactly what the East Village Association needs,” said James Haug, EVA’s board president. “I am excited to have her join our team to help activate and advocate for our neighborhood.”