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Food and drink (is) for lame asses

Food and drink (is) for lame asses

Jeff Josenhans | Drink Shrink

With the plethora of festive meals recently passed, I’m feeling a slight aversion towards all that food paired with all that beer, wine, or spirits. I’m not gonna lie. My favorite meal throughout the entire “food pairing season” was a carne asada burrito I bought at 1 a.m. mid-Christmas week.

Drink Shrink: Support your local beverage scene during the holidays

Jeff Josenhans | Guest Contributor Everyone has experienced the dilemma of what to buy others for Christmas. This holds especially true when buying gifts for adults. Even more painful is the process of swimming upstream through the crowds at the mall. And let’s face it – a bottle of wine off the store shelf in […]

The secret life of mixologists

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Downtown Drink Shrink | Jeff Josenhans This week I found myself home early on a Friday night with my girlfriend sipping on a Coors Light. It struck me suddenly how, as a mixologist, it felt like such a naughty little secret. As the sommelier and head mixologist for the US Grant Hotel, certain expectations apply. […]