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By Ken Williams | Contributing Editor

Micaela P. Banach, a founding partner at the Noonan Lance Boyer & Banach law firm in East Village, has been selected as the new president of the San Diego County Bar Foundation.

Micaela P. Banach (Courtesy of Noonan Lance Boyer & Banach)

Banach will lead the Downtown-based Foundation, the charitable arm of the San Diego County Bar Association, along with Neal Rockwood, vice president; Dave Kempton, chief financial officer; Laurie Largent, secretary; and Brent Douglas, immediate past president.

The executive committee oversees the Foundation’s board of directors.

“Our board shares an enormous passion for advocating for those in our region impacted by poverty, abuse and discrimination,” said Banach, a Point Loma resident. “We will continue the Foundation’s efforts to fund organizations that provide assistance and access to our court system for San Diegans in need.”


Here are five questions with Banach:

  1. What will be your goals during your tenure as president of the nonprofit San Diego County Bar Foundation, and how will this impact the community? 

“My ultimate goal is to raise a lot of money to support the many San Diego organizations that provide legal services to those in need. There are so many people in our community who cannot afford legal services or do not know how to access our legal system, such as veterans who need legal help to get housing, immigrants escaping human trafficking, and domestic violence survivors seeking child custody. The goal of our Foundation is to make their lives easier and give them the tools and resources they need.”


  1. What is your role at Noonan Lance, and what motivates you the most in your legal career? 

“I am one of four founding partners at the law firm. I am motivated by my ability to help people and get problems resolved.

“My job is all about listening to each client and having a clear strategy from the beginning. I consider myself a thoughtful problem-solver.”


  1. What do you like about working in East Village? 

“East Village has so much going on right now, and it has been so fun to watch it develop over the last eight years I’ve worked in the area. There are so many new, local and unique shops and restaurants, people are always out walking their dogs, there is open space and it feels so urban and contemporary. My favorite places to frequent include Café De L’Opera and Oscar’s.”

Micaela P. Banach and her husband Tim at the Foundation’s “Evening in La Jolla” fundraiser (Courtesy of San Diego County Bar Foundation)


  1. Tell us about your family. What you like to do outside the office?

“My husband and I met through mutual friends but fell in love on a spontaneous trip to Australia. We love to travel but have slowed down lately with the arrival of our two boys, ages 2 years old and 4 months.

“We spend our time with friends and at the beach — Kellogg Park [La Jolla Shores Park] is our go-to. If I get any time to myself, I love to run and do yoga.”


5: If you were granted three wishes, how would you use them?

“Honestly, I wish for a new president and $10 million! But if I have to be realistic: (1) I wish for my kids to grow up to be kind and compassionate; (2) I wish for peace and prosperity for our country; and (3) I wish I could take my family on an around-the-world adventure in luxury for a year!”

For more information about the Foundation, or to make a donation, visit To read Banach’s online biography, visit

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