Enjoy the new year in Little Italy

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By Christopher Gomez

Some make New Year’s resolutions to travel or live more presently and enjoy the moment. If either of these are resolutions you’ve made (or if you just want to have a good time), enjoy some authentic Italian delicacies in Little Italy in 2018.

With its public spaces, authentic food and Italian atmosphere, you’ll feel like you’re roaming the streets of Italy in Southern California.

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Here are a few ways you can enjoy the first month of the year in Little Italy and experience Italy without having to stray too far from home!

Start the day with a cup of liquid gold at an Italian café — San Diego’s Little Italy is plentiful of Italian coffee hot spots. Swing by Caffe Italia for a robust cup of espresso made with Lavazza coffee beans imported from Italy. Or if you want to sip your cappuccino in a cozy cottage, grab your java from Little Italy’s hidden gem, Heartsleeves.

Peruse the public spaces — There are several piazzas to choose from in Little Italy to relax and enjoy the mild San Diego weather. The newest is Piazza Pescatore, where locals and visitors can eat their lunch al fresco and admire the Piazza’s bronze statue.

Another is the Piazza Basilone, created to honor Gunnery Sgt. John Basilone and the “boys that never came home” from the wars in the 20th century. This public space is a local favorite for families and veterans to gather.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a scoop (or two) of gelato — One of Little Italy’s most well-known delicacies is the gelato, and Pappalecco is one of the places to get it. This local Tuscan café offers more than 16 flavors of gelato, including a signature Pappalecco flavor that’s made with chocolate, amaretto and cookies. A scoop of Pappalecco gelato will take your taste buds on an international trip.

Bond with your loved ones over family-style dining — If you’re in the mood for classic Italian comfort food, there’s plenty of places in Little Italy to stop at for some antipasti, pizzas and pasta to share for a memorable evening of Italian values, which include food and family. Check out Nonna, Filippi’s, Mona Lisa or one of the many others.

(Photo by Luna Photo)

In addition to the delicious food and attractive spaces, San Diego’s Little Italy has a special feeling of Italy in the air. Everywhere you turn, authentic Italian sights like beautiful architecture and the friendly faces of Italians playing cards in public spaces, make for a beautiful space to enjoy 2018.

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