Go Fit: Water, the fundamental nutrient

Posted: October 3rd, 2014 | Columnists, Featured, Get Fit | 3 Comments

Scott Markey | Fitness

There is a much-underrated nutrient that can suppress the appetite naturally, help the body metabolize stored fat, combat water retention, help rid the body of waste, and help maintain muscle tone.

Scott Markey, Fitness Consultant

Scott Markey | Fitness

Is it some exotic expensive supplement or herb? No, it’s plain old water.

How does the adequate intake of water help metabolize fat? By letting the kidneys function properly, which lets the liver function properly and metabolize stored fat into usable energy.

How does water combat water retention?

As paradoxical as it seems, the best way to overcome a water retention problem is to drink more water. Whether you are retaining water because you don’t drink enough and your body perceives a shortage — and therefore goes into a fight or flight mode and actually stores water — or because you consume excess salt, drinking more water will alleviate all of these problems and more.

Remember: 70 percent of your muscle cells are comprised of water. Getting enough water reinforces your muscles’ natural ability to contract, and it prevents dehydration.

How much water do you need?

That depends on your physical activity, or what athletics, training or sports you might be engaging in. In my opinion, the average person should drink around two quarts a day, more if you are overweight, and even more if you are a competitor in any sport. The men and women I coach compete in a wide variety of sports, from football, to fitness, bodybuilding, soccer, cycling, triathletes, etc. All of these athletes consume quite a lot of water, as it is a necessity.

I am constantly asked whether my clients should take this supplement or that, or jump on the latest marketing fad, as they are inundated with product and supplement ads, ranging from those that just flat out don’t work and those that do.

My point is, before you even think about adding different supplements to your daily routine, you should be most concerned about your water intake and your vitamin-mineral supplementation.

Also, let’s not forget that not only is water the most essential nutrient for your body, in most cases it is free.

So stay healthy and make it a priority to consume more water. Even if that means taking it around with you wherever you go. Some may look at you strangely as you carry your water around with you all the time, but it is your body, and you are doing what is necessary to keep it healthy.

—Scott Markey has over 25 years in the fitness and health industry. He has graced dozens of magazine covers and specializes in physique management, training and nutritional consultation. You can find him on Facebook or reach him at



  1. Travis Morley says:

    Once again Scott, much appreciated article. Thanks, Travis M.

  2. John Lacey says:

    You are so right Mr. Markey, If I’m not conscious of it. I never get enough water. Thanks again for your insightful information. JL.

  3. Jeff Fisher says:

    Thank you so much for replying to my e-mail. Answered so many questions for me. Jeff.

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