Letters to the editor – Aug. 2017

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Correct parking times?

[Ref: “Gaslamp Quarter premieres new parking options,” Vol. 18, Issue 7, or online at]

Regarding the $5 parking at Sixth and K, the article says 6 to 3 p.m. Is it truly during the daytime only or did you mean 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.?

—Phyllis, via

[Editor’s note: Thanks for catching this – it is indeed 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.]

Remembering classic cars

[Ref: “The Coliseum: a local boxing landmark,” Vol. 17, Issue 12, or online at]

This building was also used as a classic car restoration/ consignment facility. This building housed hundreds of high-dollar classic cars up until last year. When you walked down E Street and looked into this dingy old decrepit building, you would see some amazing vehicles.

—Damon Mortimer, via

A real asset

[Ref: “Increasing awareness in the sanctity of life,” Vol. 18, Issue 7, or online at]

Great article. Love this type of landscape – beauty and meaningful purpose. Truly an asset to San Diego!

—Mo Bailey, via our website

A poet responds

[Ref: “San Diego’s ‘Beat Street’ poets,” Vol. 14, Issue 10, or online at]

I am the Poet Laureate of the Tijuana Basin, along with Jackie Lopez Lopez. I am the ayatollah, I am the rock ‘n’ rolla, I am the original Bukowski poem — just sayin’

—Mary Leary, via our website 

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