Letters to the Editor: December 2017

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Support for local farmers

[Ref: “Guest editorial: Meet a farmer. Eat a tomato. Help your community.,” Vol. 18, Issue 11, or online at]

 I saw your article on “Meet a farmer. Eat a tomato. Help your community.”

I would like to introduce myself. I am the proud, hardworking owner of a new fast-healthy-food restaurant in Downtown San Diego. It is called Grabbagreen and it is located in the Westgate Hotel at 222 Broadway.

We have been open for six weeks and are working hard to let Downtown workers and residents know there is nice healthy food, and a juice and smoothie option in the area now.

[The topic of the guest editorial] is right in line with what we believe in. We support local farmers through our restaurant.

As a new restaurant Downtown, we have some challenges to differentiate ourself from other restaurants. However, it is more difficult to convince people they are worth eating healthy … old habits are hard to change.

I would like to get the word out that we offer a fast-healthy food option and that our valued guests are worth this type of food.To learn more, find us at, or on social media, follow us on or Instagram at Grabbagreenca23.

—Greg Ferrell, via email

Issa’s performance report

[Ref: “Congressional Watch: A kindler and gentler Issa,” Vol. 18, Issue 11, or online at]

What a clear, focused, informative, valid and useful article. I have shared it with colleagues and hope that it gets broad readership. Being in the 49th Congressional District, I see a continuous decline in support for Mr. Issa. How he can face constituents after supporting removing state and local deductions and other tax measures that support the middle class?

We’re protesting in front of his Vista office every Tuesday morning letting him know that his antics are putting him out of office. On Thursdays, we’re protesting in Encinitas. We need a Congress member who will represent our values, not our corporations.

—Ed McFadd, via website

Knuckles to ‘the knuckle’

[Ref: “El Nudillo, the knuckle,” Vol. 18, Issue 10, or online at]

No. No. No. We need to spend money on saving the souls who are perishing on our streets and making housing more affordable. And nothing else until this crisis is solved. We don’t need some giant knuckle monument. San Diego just doesn’t get it.

—Ben Cartwright, via

Grand Pacific Hotel living

[Ref: “Gaslamp Landmarks: From hotel to hospital to hotel,” Vol. 18, Issue 9, or online at]

I lived above the J Street entrance from 1982 to 1986. Although some of the tenants were colorful, many were local workers and we made it home.

—Rosalyn Moody, via website

Inquiry on Watts Robinson

[Ref: “Gaslamp Landmarks: The Watts Robinson building,” Vol. 16, Issue 1, or online at]

I am interested in finding information about a business that was housed in the Watts building in the early 1950s.

The name is the San Diego Language Academy. I remember the bank being on the main floor.

—Gloria Allen, via

Keeping Idyllwild in mind

[Ref: “Idyllwild: More idyllic than imagined,” Vol. 18, Issue 9, or online at]

I wish I had remembered Idyllwild for our anniversary coming up. Wanted close for a weekend. I’ve been there but my significant other has not. Its OK, we are going to our B&B that we love in Julian. But will keep Idyllwild in mind for next time.

—Caryl Iseman, via website

A boxer in the family

[Ref: “The coliseum — a local boxing landmark,” Vol. 16, Issue 12, or online at]

My Great Uncle Charlie Popejoy fought in the building a bunch of times. He went on to run the Carpenters Union in San Diego. Here are his stats:

—Rob Kinder, via website.

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