Letters to the editor – February 2017

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Looking forward

[Re: “The new Pendry,” Vol. 18, Issue 1 or online at]

Wow! Looking forward to checking out The Pendry on my next visit to San Diego!

—Dena Morgan via

Questioning Balboa Park plan

[Re: “Transforming Balboa Park,” Vol. 17, Issue 12 or online at]

Mr. Hemlock does not respond to Mr. Holder’s point that there is ample underutilized parking across Park Boulevard with shuttle service that can be expanded. And, if needed, a high-rise structure could be built there at a far lesser cost without two or four years of disruption.

And, if cars are to be eliminated from the Paseo and Plaza, it is a simple endeavor to block the entry to the park from Laurel Street. Why spend $30 million or $80 million on a bypass road? And, most importantly, why destroy the integrity of a historical bridge?

Meanwhile, use those funds (if they are available) for a better purpose, i.e., maintaining our city’s heritage buildings!

—Jean Wilson, a second generation San Diego native, via website

Looking forward

[Re: “Co-merge: working outside the box,” Aug. 4, 2013 or online at]

I am reaching out to find out if there is availability to rent a larger office space at the Co-Merge workplace in Downtown San Diego/Gaslamp location during the time frame Tuesday, July 18 – Sunday, July 23.

We would need access to internet and possibly other amenities such as printers if they are provided.

If so, can you please provide an estimate as to how much it would be to rent for this time frame or at least for a week? Also, how far would you say it is from the Convention Center, walking-wise?

Please let me know. Thanks!

—Rebecca Gamberg, via website

(Editor’s note: The Palo Alto-based LiquidSpace states on its website that it offers more than 2,000 workspaces in more than 250 cities across the United States, but after some research on our part, apparently the San Diego “Co-merge” location is no longer in business. For more information about LiquidSpace, visit

Juggling markets

[Re: “San Diego public market launches in September/,” Aug. 31, 2012 or online at]

So what happened to this project? The funding was there, the permits were in, and [now] Liberty Public Market has popped up as an overpriced non-local market.

—Amy June, via website

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