Letters to the Editor: February 2018

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Un-neighborly things left behind

I am a Downtown resident and enjoy my many daily walks in our beautiful city. Today I came upon a young man with his golden retriever (we had a golden retriever for 16 years). He stepped out of his residence on J and Fourth streets and his dog urinated on the sidewalk.

I understand that living Downtown it might be difficult for dogs to “hold it” until they get to an appropriate potty spot. I suggested that when this happens the owner might want to have a small bottle of water handy to clean up after his dog.

He was very sure that he does not need to do anything like that, even if it is in a walking path. He said he carries poop bags and that now that I have the appropriate information from him, that I should have a good day.

I don’t believe there are any laws in place for this but I have seen this before and hope that everyone with a dog would consider helping to keep our sidewalks free of dog urine or at least clean up after your dog, whether it is urine or dog poop.

I felt it was a bit inappropriate for him to turn his back on the puddle he left behind for people to walk thru.

Not angry, just felt it was inconsiderate. What are your thoughts?

—Barb, via email

Successes all around

[Ref: “Downtown Partnership News: New Year, new challenges, we’re ready,” Vol. 19, Issue 1, or online at]

Great to hear not only the success of the several homeless projects at work that have helped Wilson and her son, but that the hep A epidemic being reduced.

—Gail Harrison, via

Positive vibes in East Village

[Ref: “Art alive in the East Village,” Vol. 19, Issue 1, or online at]

This effort is very positive. Thank you, San Diego needs this.

—S Liston, via

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