Letters to the editor – July 2016

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Educating the public about solar

Ref: “Solar ‘cap’ is fast approaching,” Vol. 14, Issue 6, or online at]

I just wanted to reach out and say that your article on the approaching net metering cap a month ago was awesome, as well as introduce myself and see if you’d like to be included for upcoming solar study and information releases.

We’re Solar to the People, a new San Diego-based company whose aim is to educate homeowners, policymakers, journalists and the general public about solar, as well as provide trusted, high-quality installer recommendations for homeowners considering solar.

One of the biggest problems we see around solar is that there aren’t many third-party authorities providing unbiased information. Our goal is to change that and to provide high quality information and studies on solar to help educate the public.

An example of one of our recent studies is an analysis of the cost of solar in different regions in California (a huge point of confusion for homeowners), based on the recently released net energy metering data set.

It was picked up by a large number of regional and national papers and other websites. One local story on our study can be found here

We’re also always available as a source for questions regarding solar.

We’ve actually fielded a number of questions regarding net metering from journalists over the past few weeks and are always happy to provide information and dig into CPUC docs, etc., to make sure the correct information is getting out there to the public.

Thanks again for all your work, and let me know if you’re interested in being put on the list for future study releases!

—Ryan Willemsen, via email

For whom the bell really tolls

[Ref: “School bells are ringing in East Village,” Vol. 13, Issue 10, or online at]

That big, beautiful bell is rarely ever rung. They rang it periodically in the mornings when they first opened. Occasionally they ring it after school, but only when the kids’ names are being called out over a megaphone to be delivered to their parents after school. Oh, and the occasional later-in-the-evening ring by a drunk teacher or something.
 The bell was wasted on this school.

—Christina, via

Mobility Plan concerns

[Ref: “A path toward mixed reaction,” Vol. 14, Issue 4, or online at]

Could we address the lanes already in are being barely used. Instead most ride their bike on sidewalk or right side not using lanes intended for the use.

—Dan Franklin Pond, via website

This seems like a very debatable subject. I can see the benefits on both sides for sure. As a business owner, I was actually looking to expand a shop in Downtown San Diego just so I could be in the heart of the city, but now I’m not so sure.

Thank you for taking the time to write this article.

—Brad C., via website

‘No quiet zone,’ literally

[Ref: “Railway ‘Quiet Zone,’ still stifled but moving forward,” July 3, 2012 or online at]

June 2016:

Hearing them at 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. this morning, from Pt. Loma. Not unpleasant from here. Just went online as I was curious about the schedules. Must be awful in that Downtown corridor.

—Scott Higby, via website

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