Letters to the editor – July 2017

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More bookstore praise

[Ref: “The bird is (still) the word(nerd),” Vol. 18, Issue 5, or online at]

A very pleasant bookstore and gathering spot for visitors and locals. San Diego needs more venues like Upstart Crow

—Ted Burke, via

Swift Boat memories

[Ref: “Swift boats and fire fights,” Vol. 18, Issue 5, or online at]

I met Bob Bolger shortly after I joined the Swift Boat Sailors Association in 2007. We’re both from Brooklyn and were involved in Swift Boat Ops in Vietnam. The S.B.S.A. has a reunion every-other year and we were in San Diego last month. A good time was had by all; an absolutely great crew. Very fun, dedicated group.

If you check out the exhibit at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, take a look at a narrow wall area to the left/outside of the display. You will see the cover of a Sea Classics magazine that features a Swift Boat photo and below that is the first two pages (of 14) of an article I wrote about the PCF 816 restoration project.

I’m currently working on a PBS-TV/Vietnam project. Thanks for a great article about Bob and his support of Swift Boat history. From the start of the war until the end there were about 3,500 Swift Boat sailors. I understand about 1,000 of us are still alive.

—Tom Edwards, via our website

Biking or growth

[Ref: “A path towards mixed reaction,” Vol. 17, Issue 4, or online at]

San Diego is pretty bike friendly compared to a lot of other metro cities. I think what’s not helping is the landscape of SD and the shortage of real estate. I think San Diego is busy trying to accommodate the ever growing cars.
A good ol’ Infrastructure vs growth

—Dayton Marketing, via our website


[Ref: “Fashion Files: Sewing, hats and horses, oh my,” Vol. 16, Issue 8, or online at]

Opening Day Hat Contest winners: Amber Maturime — it’s Amber Thorne not Maturime. I’m the “Best Racing” in black and white checkers. Please correct this mistake.

—Amber Thorne, via our website

Editor’s Note: Correction made to caption and inside column; we regret the error.

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