Letters to the editor – June 2017

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Bookstore glee

[Ref: “The bird is (still) the word(nerd),” Vol. 18, Issue 5, or online at]

I’ve never been to this store but from its descriptions, and what has happened in keeping it opened … I will now visit! I’m elated that the owners have made the decision to remain open. I think it’s an important and positive contribution for the families in this community. Too bad many Christian bookstores have closed throughout the city. To have access, one needs a computer to buy products these days.

—Flo Pereira, via

San Diego does it better

[Ref: “From the bayou to the bay,” Vol. 18, Issue 5, or online at]

Thank you San Diego and Gator by the Bay organizers for encouraging Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser to visit the Gator by the Bay Festival. We here in Louisiana that attend dance festivals in Louisiana encourage the Lt. Governor to pay special attention to the use of the large dance tents with the portable wood dance floors. Also the availability of hand sanitizers at each port-a-pot are ideas that Louisiana could benefit from. Please bring those ideas back home to Louisiana festival organizers. Thank You Billy, we know you will love Gator by the Bay, they do it first class!

—Sidney Schmidt, New Orleans tour guide, via our website 

Beginning of the end for utilities?

[Ref: “Solar ‘cap’ fast approaching,” Vol. 17, Issue 6, or online at]

One year after the cap was reached, we now have an alternative. San Diegans don’t need SDG&E anymore, now that we have solar paired with batteries. This is the solar of tomorrow, today — people can be grid-independent instead of subject to the whims of greedy investor-owned utilities. Homeowners can go solar with a battery, finance the cost for less than their electric bill and own the system outright in 12 years. The amount of compensation the utilities are offering to people producing power is going to be reduced; batteries allow energy to be stored during the day and used in the evenings, maximizing the return on investment for solar and future proofing customers. Learn more

—Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power, via email

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