Letters to the editor – September 2016

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Mobility concerns in the park

[Ref: “Back to the future,” Vol. 17, Issue 8 or online at]

I work over in Balboa Park and I thought I’d give you a little heads up about some misinformation on the front page. Interesting article about the electriquettes; Mr. Alex Owens put out an interesting piece but there’s some error there, I’m afraid.

He mentioned methods of transportation that became more popular in the park — two of the items of which are outlawed in Balboa Park. There’s no skateboarding and no rollerblading allowed. So that was a little uncomfortable to read. But otherwise, I enjoy your paper very much. Keep up the good work.

—Jay Torrence, Balboa Park Explorer Staff, via voicemail

Editor’s Note: The author was referring to various methods of transportation since the electriquettes were first used, and though banned from Balboa Park today, all were at one time alternatives to walking in the park.

Liking FRED

[Ref: “Downtown Partnership News: Summer in the city,” Vol. 17, Issue 8 or online at]

I heart the Downtown Partnership and FRED!

What a great place you all make San Diego. The Downtown Partnership [Clean & Safe] employees are always cleaning and keeping our city safe! FRED is an awesome service — free rides!


—Joniene Swick, via

More boxing tales

[Ref: “The Coliseum: A local boxing landmark,” Vol. 16, Issue 12 or online at]

I’m sure there was boxing there in 1979. I may have been at the last show, heavyweights Fili Moala vs. Ron Lyle. Lyle was a big story, in prison for murder, became an amateur champ and a contender after his release. Lost a title shot to Ali and later to Foreman, after an amazing fight. Later acquitted of another killing. Died five years ago.

Moala was never a big time contender, but is the father of an NFL player.

—Dan Trigoboff, via our website

Senate influence

[Ref: “Notes from Toni: Interpreter pilot program in the works,” Vol. 17, Issue 8 or online at]

We agree with the above.

On another subject, we hope that you can use your influence to move the recently
passed legislation in the Senate regarding ex parte meetings with members of the Coastal Commission.
We know this issue is of great importance to you and it certainly is to us. We have one coast and it should be
cherished and protected. Good luck in the coming Senate election.

—Robert McCormins, via our website

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