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By SDCNN Staff

Cabrillo Credit Union selects Anne McClure as CEO

Recently appointed CEO of San Diego-based Cabrillo Credit Union, Anne McClure spent nearly 27 years with Cabrillo and additional years in the financial industry under her belt. A native of Southern California, she attended Poway High School, went on to University of California, Santa Cruz for a year, completing her college degree at University of California, Irvine in 3.5 years.

Cabrillo Credit Union CEO Anne McClure (Courtesy photo)

McClure did not choose the financial field as a career move. Her first bank position came while in college working part-time jobs. At the suggestion of a bank teller, she applied at her bank, was hired, and the rest is history. She said she always believed no matter what position you hold, always work as hard as you can and stand out as the best in that position. This philosophy is something she teaches now to every new hire. “Whether high-level executive or a beginning teller, always give your all, as you never know who is watching,” she said.

While working at the bank, she learned about a position at Cabrillo and decided that this was an inspiring change to pursue.

“Credit unions are in business to serve their member/customers (owners),” she said. “Members are at the top of the organization chart at credit unions. That’s very different than a bank, which is in business for stockholders.”

McClure joined Cabrillo Credit Union in 1992 as the Research and Compliance manager.

“Cabrillo was a smaller organization, so wearing a number of hats just a matter of course. I was never bored. As we grew, it became evident we needed additional assistance, so I chose human resources and training. I just loved it,” she said.

After a few years at Cabrillo, Rady Children’s Hospital (then Children’s Hospital) asked her to create a national program in San Diego, Credit Unions for Kids. McClure said she jumped at the chance and brought in more than 12 credit unions to participate.

“In just over 21 years, we have raised over $3.1 million for Children’s, while Cabrillo has been the top fundraiser for all that time. This year’s Cabrillo Credit Union employees and member owners raised $50,000,” McClure said.

“This annual May program has proved to become one of the most anticipated and participated events for our employees,” McClure continued. “We have built an enormous following for Rady Children’s Hospital and have never seen such enthusiasm and lifting of our overall spirit de corps as this event. Branches are decorated and employees all carry the message to our members, resulting in a unified commitment to this highly worthwhile organization.”

In 2015, Rady Children’s Hospital awarded McClure and Cabrillo with a magnificent sculpture of the fountain and children gathered in front of Children’s, acknowledging the long-standing amazing fundraising work they had done on their behalf. “It was one of the most memorable and emotional moments of my entire career,” she said.

McClure’s character personality is maintaining a positive outlook on life, family and career.

“I believe this came from my dad and my faith,” she said. “It’s really a choice you make. I choose to put my mental energy on all that is good. In the end, I am happier because of it.

“I look back on the past 26 years with a keen sense of pride. As a working mom, I’m always engaged in the life of my children. I didn’t miss the important moments, always there for water polo games and band performances. I certainly didn’t miss anything significant in their lives and alternately in my life.”

A mother of three, McClure shared her work ethics with her children who all worked throughout school.

“I always believed my children should work,” she said. “You must be able to multi-task in life, so I felt a good life lesson was to work their way through school.”

Cabrillo began in 1955, serving as the credit union for the U.S. Border Patrol. In 1976, Cabrillo changed its name from Border Federal Credit Union to Cabrillo Credit Union. The company merged with Sharp Federal Credit Union, adding a large contingency of Sharp employees and merged again with Carlsbad City Credit Union. Cabrillo serves anyone who lives or works in San Diego County, federal employees in Imperial County, and has five major branches including San Diego’s Federal Building Downtown.

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