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In order to satisfy a Centre City Development Corporation requirement for public art in the Santa Fe Depot precinct, Bosa Development California, Inc decided to get crafty.

“Painting in the Sky” is a new Downtown art installation lighting up the top of the two buildings that make up Grande North and South tower condominiums, located at 1199 and 1205 Pacific Highway, respectively.

Spencer Finch, the Brooklyn, New York-based artist selected for the installation, chose to conceptualize a ‘modern day lighthouse’ to convey information about the following day’s weather.

He and his design team utilized the two lighthouses that existed on top of the Grande buildings to facilitate the concept, creating a “red sky” and a “blue sky” composition that would indicate bad or good weather, a play on the old saying, “Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.”

Lighthouses turned into weathervanes by NBY artist, Spencer Finch, alight atop two buildings in the Columbia District. (Photos by Jessie Fleming)

The artist hopes local residents will use the installation for their own viewing pleasure as well as forecasting their daily weather.

“My vision was to create watercolors of the skies that would become a project of light and shadow in the sky at an enormous scale, thereby making the connection between the picture, the idea and the weather forecast,” said Finch of the installation in a press release.

His premise was to metaphorically link San Diego’s longstanding maritime and seafaring traditions with the neighborhood.

“The mechanics of the programming and technology are complicated but the fixtures are simple. A daily RSS weather feed from Yahoo weather signals the representation of the following day’s weather.  This triggers the 150 fluorescent tubes and color gels in the lighthouses atop the Grande structures to signal Finch’s red or blue sunset pictures in the architecture of the buildings to make the connection into indicators of weather information,” said the press release.

Finch’s light-based works have been also been exhibited at MCASD La Jolla in the past.


Despite the rain and cold weather, visitors turned out in record numbers to climb aboard the USS Midway Museum over the holidays, according to Scott McGaugh, USS Midway Museum’s director of marketing. According to numbers McGaugh prepared for the membership’s newsletter, the venue set a new record of 6,687 guests on Saturday, Dec. 29., a 20 percent increase over the previous record set in 2011. The previous single day attendance record was 5,529 on July 3, 2011.  Overall attendance for 2012 at the museum was 1.048 million, which showed an increase of 11 percent over the previous year. The USS Midway Museum is located at the Navy Pier, 910 North Harbor Drive, Downtown.  For more information visit


Amid weeks of rumors and confusion, Anthology, the popular music and supper club located at 1337 India Street on the edge of Little Italy, has permanently shuttered its doors as of the start of the New Year. Though the Anthology website still states the venue is “postponing our concert schedule due to refurbishment upgrades and repairs” and still directs visitors to  “check again later when we reopen,” a statement issued by Casey Pukl, the venue’s marketing manager said otherwise. “It is with great sadness that I send this email today to inform you that owner, Howard Berkson announced today that Anthology has officially closed its doors and will not be reopening.” Berkson himself was contacted but declined to comment at this time.  Open just over five years, the venue known for “fine tuned music and cuisine” had reached iconic status among visitors and musical artists. The venue boasted rock, jazz, blues and other musical greats, as well as comedic geniuses on its critically acclaimed and acoustically-sound stage over the years. In addition the venue often served as a site for private events and the owners also graciously offered up the space for dozens of nonprofit fundraising events over the years. Anthology’s closing came quickly on the heels of another celebrated music venue’s closing nearby, 4th and B.


The state’s Department of Finance (DOF) issued a letter to the City of San Diego on Dec. 27, reversing its previous decision to deny $4.3 million worth of funding previously allocated for the Connections Housing project, after the City filed suit in Sacramento Superior Court on Dec. 21. Connections Housing was under redevelopment and is currently about two weeks away from opening. Its initial budget of $32 had been increased due to asbestos and structural issues were uncovered, but developers had secured alternative funding to support the increases. After local redevelopment agencies were dissolved earlier this year, the DOF had assumed control of redevelopment funds in the region, and issued funding cuts to both the Connections Housing and an affordable housing project at Ninth and Broadway. After two months of “exhaustive” meetings with the DOF and no change in stance, the City filed the lawsuit. “We are heartened that the DOF has since reversed its decision which would have placed the City’s homeless population – the third-highest of any city in the country – in jeopardy,” Goldsmith said in a press release. The lawsuit will now be dismissed “without prejudice” by the City Attorney’s Office, as a result of the reversal. The affordable housing project funding cut was also reversed.


Due to the redevelopment of Horton Plaza, the Arts Tix Box Office has moved to the Lyceum Theatre, located in the basement level of Horton Plaza, near the mall’s entrance from Broadway Circle. This will be only temporary until its permanent location in the southeast corner of the new Horton Plaza Park, which is scheduled for opening in spring of 2014.  A discount same-day ticket booth fashioned on a similar offering in New York City’s Times Square, Arts Tix first launched in 1986 in the lobby of the Spreckels Theatre on Broadway. Arts Tix is operated by the San Diego Performing Arts League, a non-profit arts-service umbrella organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the region’s performing arts. The Arts Tix kiosk is now located down the stairs and directly to the right of the Lyceum Theatre’s entrance. Tickets can also be purchased by calling 858-381-5595, or online at


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